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Consider that up to 80% of your company’s worth is tied to human capital. Organizations don’t achieve results – people do. Companies flourish when they have the right people doing the right things, the right way to get the right results. Are your employees motivated and willing to go the extra mile? Do your leaders have the skill sets, tools and knowledge to be effective? Is your workforce functioning as one united team working together to achieve success?

Employee development is a “whole person” concept that can energize your organization. The benefits of strong leaders and motivated employees accrue over time and contribute to the creation of a strong, sustainable and high performing culture. What if you could have leadership and employee development programs that actually provided a return on your investment and impacted your operations in positive and profitable ways?

How We Can Help – The Power of Your Teams


People Possibilities can meet your employee effectiveness needs through the delivery of highly customized Leadership and Talent Development Services that seamlessly integrate with your strategies, industry challenges and business opportunities. We focus on ”soft skills” training in the areas of leadership development, team building, and talent recruitment and management. Our programs are customized and results-driven, and you will immediately notice the impact on performance.

Let us help you develop a sustainable high-performance culture, in which teams and employees excel in the execution of business plans.

Leadership and Talent Development Offerings – How We Work


Our Leadership and Talent Development Services are instructor-led and delivered on-site. We use a highly interactive approach and provide a “learn-by-doing” environment to teach concepts and change behavior. Customized programs are created based on the needs of your organization and your teams, and are tailored to your specific industry.

Following are some focus areas for our leadership and employee development programs:

Team Building

The World Inside You

The World Inside You

This program is designed to benefit ALL employees — not just the smart ones, not just the thin ones, not just the eager ones. All employees will find value in this program because it’s designed to meet them where they are, and guide them to where they personally want to be. It’s sustainable too. This is because it gives employees the tools to create change in themselves — to feel better about who they are so they can feel better about everyone and everything else. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Increase of self awareness
  • Understanding of how stress impacts behavior
  • Discovering key motivators
  • Understanding of how to work more effectively and improve communication with others
  • Learn and apply ways to improve mobility
  • Experience ways to reduce muscle tension and/or pain associated with sitting and/or repetitive movement

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The Power of a Team

Our team building development program is highly customized to address specific challenges, projects or transitions your team may be facing. These may include growth, customer service, quality or implementation of a new system. The program focuses on four key issues which can hinder team performance - collaborating with others, dealing with change, organization and accountability, and productivity and decision making.

Key Focus:

  • Customized to team needs
  • One-on-one feedback
  • Team building exercises and assignments
  • Follow-up with team

Based on the Birkman Method®, each team competency area is delivered as a separate four hour module and team members will leave with a behavioral action plan.

Leadership Development

Being a Leader - The Power of You

This program defines the differences between leading and managing. Individuals will identify their leadership style and learn how to enhance performance and capitalize on their strengths to become a genuine and effective leader within the organization.

Key Focus:

  • Define, compare and contrast leadership versus management
  • Identify individual leadership style and corresponding motivators, blind spots, stress-related behaviors and learning strategies utilizing the Birkman® assessment
  • Understand personal leadership type and preference in decision-making and problem-solving situations
  • Apply the leadership tools of reflection and inquiry to individual style and adapt behaviors for mutual benefit
  • Learn ways to motivate oneself and others
  • Identify your Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies and how to increase EI

Building Leadership Skills

Our in-depth leadership program is based on a practical and customized approach that applies the knowledge of “Being a Leader – The Power of You” directly to your company and specific industry. This program covers a wide range of critical skills that a leader needs to become an indispensible asset and effectively execute business objectives. From human capital management to navigating transitions and resolving conflicts, an exceptional leader must have a full range of tools and skills to achieve the business mission of the organization.

Key Focus:

* Prerequisite – see "The Power of You" program described above

  • Understand the value of diversity and how to capitalize on it in the workplace
  • Learn how to understand employee behavior and techniques to improve interactive communication
  • Learn how to coach for performance and bring out the best in people
  • Tap into the power of creative problem solving
  • Improve the ability to resolve conflicts
  • Identify methods to successfully handle the process of managing change

Talent Recruitment and Management

HR 101

This program teaches business leaders how to use proven HR management practices to reduce risk and exposure, enhance productivity and impact the overall performance of the organization.

Key Focus:

  • Review current human resources-related legal considerations
  • As a leader, understand how to apply HR knowledge to practical situations through role plays, case studies and work assignments
  • Learn how to access HR resources and tools in day-to-day management of your employees

Secrets to Selecting the Right Talent

This program provides the tools to hire the right people with the right skills. Attendees are taught effective selection processes and behavioral-based interviewing skills. Participants will learn a proven method to bring on board the people with the knowledge, skills, motivation and aptitude to meet current and future business needs.

Key Focus:

  • Learn how to use a powerful selection system to achieve accuracy, equity and buy-in
  • Ensure ability to ask lawful pre-employment questions
  • Learn the three types of information interviewers gather about candidates and how to obtain behavioral evidence
  • Learn the importance of assessing a candidate’s motivational fit
  • Learn how to create an “Interview Guide” as a tool for preparing for, and conducting thorough interviews
  • Role play using the behavioral interviewing process with "live" candidates to improve skills

Secrets of Retaining Talent and Maximizing the Power of People

Learn to increase workplace productivity by providing leaders with the tools to make a difference in the organization. Our program identifies the current workplace challenges in the employee life cycle and will provide methods to improve the recruitment, development and retention of employees. Attendees will leave with a ready to use action plan and talent management strategy.

Key Focus:

  • What’s the business case for focusing on the Talent Management Pipeline
  • Learn the impact of The New American Workplace® on you as a leader
  • Learn the major trends in the workplace, including the implications and needs of the four generations working today
  • Understand the impact of employee turnover and disengagement
  • Discover the reasons why employees leave and how to develop an effective retention strategy
  • Learn to improve processes to attract, select, develop and retain people with the knowledge, skills and aptitude to meet current and future business needs
  • Complete a Case Study to develop a Talent Management Strategy and action plan

Success Stories – Leadership and Employee Development


Team Building Retreat | Success In Responding To Change | Consulting Group

Engaged by the President of a consulting firm that provides fundraising, marketing and data management consulting services to non-profits. Provided Birkman Method® Assessment one-on-one feedback and coaching for a team of 12. Facilitated a team building retreat specifically focused on how the team responds to change. Developed a behavioral action plan for how the team would work together going forward to utilize individual and team strengths and support each others’ needs.

Employee Development Program |Design and Delivery| World Leader in Project Management, Engineering and Construction for the Energy Industry

Designed and delivered a customized employee development program directed to young professionals in the organization. The Graduate Orientation (GO) program was developed to help participants gain a greater awareness of their personal styles, expectations, preferences and stress using results from The Birkman Method®. Activities were designed to reinforce the program’s message. The program resulted helping new employees understand their “ideal job” based on the Birkman® feedback and the value they bring to certain roles within the organization.

Professional Development Workshop |Design and Delivery |One of the World’s Largest Providers of Product and Services to the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Provided professional development workshops associated with a career growth plan for high potential employees. When a path for advancement is identified, employees feel a sense of belonging and know they have options for furthering themselves and their career within the organization. Teaching employees how to recognize their special skill sets and what makes their contributions unique, in combination with offering opportunities for growth, results in increased loyalty, engagement and productivity.

The workshops included:

Workshop – Identifying Your Personal Brand

In today’s world, it’s all about “the brand.” What that really means is that to bring out the best in employees, they must first understand themselves, know what makes them unique and how they can integrate their distinctive skills and interests into the workplace. Instead of just doing their job, they will understand how to capitalize on the things that make them different and align their personal strengths to build capacity within teams and the organization. By getting in touch with who they really are, they will uncover hidden potential and learn the importance of communicating their unique value proposition and personal branding statement within their current team and across teams.

During this workshop, participants learned to:

  • Focus on what’s really important to them, and be able to express who they are and what they want out of their career
  • How to identify their unique personal brand and create a personal branding statement
  • The essence and importance of brand management

Workshop - Connecting Your Personal Brand with Your Career Path

Creating a personal brand begins with an objective look at your career field and your own identity within it. Whether the focus is to build a personal brand on things like integrity, commitment, or accuracy, the goal is for the employee to associate themselves with an ideal that differentiates them from the competition. These same principals can be adapted on a micro level to promote a self image and enhance career opportunities within the Company. The reputation you build helps determine your overall career potential. You can have the career you want and be successful doing it. You just need the tools to help you get there.

During this workshop, participants learned to:

  • Be proactive and take charge of their career; utilize the handout and tips to further their career and move in the direction of their passion
  • Provided a template to follow so participants could take control of their career
  • Write down career goals and be able to reflect and update when accomplished (and keep resume current)
  • Use their unique personal brand and the distinct skills they bring to the Company to develop a career strategy that aligns with the Company’s career planning process

Customized Leadership Development | Design and Delivery | Retail Operations - Texas

Provided a customized and ongoing Manager Training Program to develop skills and competencies for retail store managers. The program was created to ensure managers were equipped to execute all areas of operations for BASKiNS, a Texas retailer with 19 stores, over 250 employees and revenues in excess of $30 million. The leadership program was a critical issue as managers were ill equipped to handle the growing needs of their employees or the Company during a growth and expansion phase.

Initially conducted for 23 store managers, the program was created as a train-the-trainer concept so the Company could have an internal HR or business leader deliver as necessary to meet future requirements. The Company benefited from having a structured program in place where managers understood their role in the organization, knew how to implement what they had learned and left with an action plan in hand.

The program focused on the leader first, based on the fact that true leadership starts with understanding yourself. With self-knowledge, leaders are able to empower others to perform.

During the program, the managers learned to:

  • Motivate and direct the diverse team of employees they relied on
  • Adjust their management and personal style to the needs of different situations
  • Get more done by using the appropriate delegation techniques for any given situation
  • Resolve conflict more effectively in a wide variety of situations
  • Turn difficult people and poor performers into team players
  • Win the cooperation and trust from everyone in the organization
  • Increase confidence, leadership skills and personal and professional satisfaction on the job by managing people successfully

Customized Leadership Development |Workforce Planning and Employee Lifecycle |Non-Profit

Designed and delivered customized leadership development training for a non-profit organization to teach the concepts of workforce planning and the employee life cycle. Facilitated in-class exercises designed to obtain buy-in and commitment to ready the workforce for creating a foundation for growth of the agency.

Course feedback:

“I learned other people’s view of certain positions or roles; I can apply options for organizational development in my department to my job.”

“Understanding the bigger picture and what it would take for us to grow.”

“Opening minds! Keep momentum going.”

“It was wonderful that everyone participated actively and positively.”

“Brainstormed about what we need to take the agency to the next level.”

“The questions for the team exercises were well thought out and drove the correct conversations.”

EmPOWER Leadership Program| Instructional Designer and Facilitator | University of Houston

Instructional Designer and Facilitator for the following courses developed for the University of Houston “EmPOWER” leadership program. This is a certificate program for emerging supervisors and managers offered through Continuing Education. It can be customized as an internal program for companies upon request.

Modules include:

The Power of You – uses the Birkman® Method assessment feedback as a way for students to learn about their strength behaviors, underlying needs and motivations, and stress behaviors affecting performance. They become familiar with patterns of behavior and how to adapt their behaviors for mutual benefit.

Social Intelligence – uses the Birkman Method assessment feedback to explore the participant’s behaviors and competencies in terms of emotional intelligence. They use their increased awareness to evaluate effectiveness as a leader and where to modify behavioral responses to perceived adverse situations to achieve desired results.

The Power of You in Action – ties together key concepts from the EmPOWER program and provides a discovery process for further career development. Students develop a 90-day action plan for improving a selected leadership competency or behavior. They return within 90 days for a group coaching session to share the impact of executing their action plan on their team and organization.

The Power of People – focuses on ways to increase workplace productivity by giving leaders the tools to make a difference in their organization to attract, select, develop and retain employees. The course identifies the current workplace challenges in the employee life cycle and challenges students to be the leader others want to follow.

Class feedback:

“The Empower Leadership class taught me to realize that leadership starts with me and that and once I understand myself and learn how to use the knowledge I already have, I am able to gain insight and become more aware of what is needed to be an effective, powerful leader.”

“The Empower Leadership classes provided me an opportunity to improve my leadership skills by reinforcing the power of effective communication and to become more aware of my team members as individuals with different perspectives on accomplishing the same goal!”

“I loved the team and the instructors. I learned that leadership starts with getting to know you, to do the best you can to lead others, and help develop them to reach their highest potential.”

“When you know yourself, you can empower yourself; when you empower yourself, you can empower others.”

“The seminar "empowered" me with knowledge from all assessments that helped me understand myself, how I function and how to relate to my group. Great class and fabulous presenters!”

“The Empower Leadership Class will truly open you up to the idea that "leadership starts with me". We usually are not aware of their lives and what past experiences have impacted a person that has shaped them into the person they are today. In order to lead, we must start with ourselves and truly communicate with others in a way that they understand what you are attempting to get accomplished and help you along the way.”

Building Leadership Skills | Fortune 500 Managed Services Company

Delivered the “Building Leadership Skills” training program to over 400 frontline managers across the organization over a three-year period. This program was conceived by this Fortune 500 managed services company to improve the effectiveness of its frontline managers. The focus was for students to learn their specific behavioral style and the importance of adapting behaviors as we identify the difference in the styles of others. This concept is applied throughout the three-day training program to areas such as conflict resolution, understanding diversity and coaching for performance.


  • Gave leaders the understanding of how their own and others’ behavioral styles impacted each other and how they needed to adapt their behaviors accordingly.
  • Helped leaders develop relationships with other leaders across the business thereby creating a network for best practice sharing and opportunities for advancement.
  • Supported the Company’s achievement of the Fortune 500 Most Admired Companies Award. This program, as the first on the Leadership Development Series, was a critical step to developing leaders.

Change Management | Team Readiness for New Tech Tool Deployment

Delivered “Change Management” training to customer service managers and employees to prepare them for the implementation of hand held computers. The tool provided “real-time” access to customer product usage data thereby improving inventory management. Key business processes needed to be re-engineered to standardize and streamline operations prior to deploying the tool. Managers and employees were more prepared to accept the changes the new tool would bring and were able to meet in a safe environment to discuss benefits and concerns. Managers learned ways to support employees through the change process.