The ABC’s – A Proven Model for Human Capital
(or Employee Life Cycle) Management

Leaders typically focus on the “headache” that people bring to the organization rather than the “value.” The consequences of this attitude are significant from both a short and long-term perspective. They result in missed opportunities to build a stronger, high performing, sustainable and cost effective organization. While the typical company emphasis is centered on performance, the value of human assets can only be maximized by placing equal focus on all stages of the employee life cycle.

We refer to this human capital model as the “ABC’s of the Employee Life Cycle™.” Studies have shown that using this model increases retention and engagement, and ultimately has a significant impact on productivity, performance, profits and organizational well being. A leader who understands the “ABC’s” will be able to maximize the value of human assets in addition to enhancing the organization’s reputation as an industry stand out.

The ABC's of the Employee Lifecycle

Building A Foundation

If you were building a structure, would you choose bricks that were made of substandard material or those that didn’t exactly fit? The resulting structure would be instable, less durable and would incur the ongoing costs of having to shore up the foundation or replace the weaker bricks at a later date.

A successful organization starts with building a foundation of the basics that people need to work more effectively and make a positive contribution (i.e., pay, benefits, roles and responsibilities, tools and resources to do the job, etc.). We assess the stability of this foundation and shore it up as we apply “new world” concepts to the employee life cycle.

Our focus is to raise people performance to a new level. Our approach is to turn leaders into coaches and employees into players to create sustainability. Understanding that people are dynamic assets, we implement measurement and tracking systems to demonstrate progress and to identify and address trouble spots as they appear.

Attracting and Selecting Talent

Attracting and selecting the “right” talent in the employee life cycle is crucial, the cornerstone for building your company’s foundation. Successful human capital management starts with ensuring your new hires are the “best fit” for your organization, “right” for the job at hand and can easily be transitioned into their new positions.

Building Performance

If you have successfully attracted the “right” talent, then the process of building performance is greatly simplified. You are now working with a solid foundation, an employee who wants to be there, is engaged and actively seeking ways to learn more, be more and contribute to your business mission. As a result, productivity is increased.

Creating Advocates

If you support employees as they leave the organization, you create advocates who tell everyone they know what a great experience it was to work with you. This generates the perception that you are one of the best organizations to work for. By paying attention to this part of the cycle you will feed the talent selection pipeline, ensure top notch people are lining up for the opportunity to work for you and enhance your company’s overall market reputation.