Coaching Services

Coaching Services


Whether you own a business or are employed at an organization - dynamic, fast-paced, demanding and highly competitive are a few adjectives that describe the current marketplace. From bottom to top, demands for better performance, productivity and leadership have never been higher. On the employee side of the equation, the world of work is now about variety, change, and matching skills and interests with market needs – you have a choice. Have you evolved to meet the challenges of the new work paradigm?

Working with a coach can be life changing whether you are in a leadership position or looking to change careers. Coaching provides a sounding board that can help you pinpoint what you really want and a support system to get there. A coach can also help you understand why you do the things you do and guide you in making positive changes to bring out the best in yourself. What if you could get more of what you want out of your company, your career and yourself?

How We Can Help – The Power of You


We offer coaching services for both companies and individuals including:

  • Maximizing Leadership Capability of Business Owners and Productivity of People
  • Actualizing Business Success for the Entrepreneur (The Curiosity Board)
  • Developing Career Strategies
  • Executing Career Transitions
  • Leveraging Your Personal B.R.A.N.D.

We offer an objective, fresh viewpoint and give you the benefit of our expertise obtained from working with leaders and game changers in the business world. By developing clarity, and focusing on enhancing your skills, we can help you accomplish your short and long-term business or career goals.

Let us help you find your path, achieve your objectives and be the best you can be.

Coaching Offerings – How We Work


We provide one-on-one sessions with certified, highly knowledgeable and experienced coaches. Our coaches guide, motivate, provide customized resources and help clients to set and meet goals they are inspired by. We work with you on a consistent basis building a trusting relationship which increases engagement, collaboration and leads to results. Coaching services include:

Business and Leadership Coaching

Business Owner, Organizational Leader, Entrepreneur, Game Changer

Our business and leadership coaching is focused on helping you achieve specific, relevant and immediate goals. We can support you with coaching in various areas including the following:

  • Strategic planning or creating a compelling vision
  • Organization and execution of action plans
  • Navigation of transition phases
  • Behavioral and leadership style assessments based on the Birkman® Method
  • Understanding of leadership type and preference in decision-making and problem-solving
  • Application of the leadership tools of reflection and inquiry to your individual style
  • Launching and developing teams
  • Integration of teams after a structure change
  • Communication between teams

Based on a package of two (2) in person sessions per month over a six (6) month or one (1) year period. Includes a Birkman® assessment along with unlimited email and phone consultations for the duration of the program.

Curiosity Board

Curiosity Board

We offer a unique service that gives you access to a team of coaches with wide ranging expertise. Our team is solely focused on providing a supportive environment for you. We are fully dedicated to bringing your startup idea/vision to life or helping you take your current company to the next level.

If you’re curious about the Curiosity Board click here

Based on a package of eight (8) in-person sessions over a one (1) year period with a team of coaches. Includes unlimited email and phone consultations for the duration of the program with an assigned Curiosity Board Coach.

Career Strategy Coaching

If you want to be in the driver’s seat of your career, we can help you. Whether you would like to move up in your present organization, evaluate your future options, need help with your job search or are seeking to transition to a completely new field - our coaches can provide guidance that gets results. We are highly knowledgeable about current workplace trends, hiring practices and career strategies, and can offer support in various areas that include the following:

  • Plan and execute a strategic career transition
  • Identify your interests, occupational strengths, motivations and behaviors to determine the best career path for you utilizing the Birkman® assessment
  • Leverage your experience, education and interests to achieve your career objectives
  • Identify how to use your personal brand to get ahead
  • Offer job search techniques and creative ways to pursue employment
  • Assist with networking, resource identification and approaching companies of interest
  • Role play interview techniques with you
  • Identify questions to ask prospective employers

Based on a package of eight (8) in-person sessions with weekly to biweekly meetings and includes a Birkman® assessment along with unlimited email and phone consultations for the duration of the program.

Career Development

We offer career development programs as public courses. These programs provide a way to handle relevant changes in your career strategy resulting in greater long-term success. These include:

#CRAFTURLIFESWORK | Effective Career Development Strategies for Millennials/Generation Y

This workshop is designed to assist young professionals in finding, living and loving their life's work. Delivered in a non-traditional setting with a small group of participants, this program helps you design a future of your choice, not someone else's. You will understand and learn to communicate your unique personal brand, identify what your motivational interests, strengths and needs are and develop a career strategy that best leverages your education and life experience. This is a community designed for you to be more and serve in a way that is fulfilling and meets your long term lifestyle and career objectives.

For a program description, click here

Differentiate or Disintegrate: How to Use Your Personal B.R.A.N.D. to Get Ahead (1-3 hour course)

In today’s world, it’s all about “the brand.” Your B.R.A.N.D. should be more than an image you project to the world. Does your internal B.R.A.N.D. match your external image? Do you know when you are “off” B.R.A.N.D. and how to get back on track? Are you afraid to let people know who you really are? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you may be missing out on how your personal uniqueness can differentiate you as a valuable asset to an organization as well as help your long-term career strategy. By getting in touch with who you really are, and truly knowing what makes you different, you will be able to leverage that difference in the marketplace. YOU are your richest asset. Discover how you can leverage your talents to further your career and/or business.

For a program description, click here

What Makes You Tick? Revealing You Personal Style (3 hour course)

Do you know your style for influencing others, your natural communication style? How you make decisions? Are you serious about self development? Knowing your blind spots? The biggest mistakes other people can make with you? Learn about you in this workshop.

This course can be taught in a one-on-one or group setting and includes a Birkman® assessment.

For a program description, click here

We are members of the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and have agreed to abide by the IAC Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics.

Success Stories – Coaching Services


Business and Leadership

VP Wealth Management | Created Foundation for Internal Move Up

Coached a Vice President for a leading wealth management, capital markets and advisory company on team leadership skills to effectively create perceived value during an internal job transition. She successfully achieved a transfer, thereby broadening her expertise.

Fortune 500 VP | Team Integration After Acquisition

Coached a Regional Vice President for a Fortune 500 facility services company as he integrated two teams during an acquisition to expand the company’s clinical technology capability within the healthcare industry. Achieved greater than 95% client retention and 87% employee retention.

VP Engineering Outsourcing | Assimilation and Action Planning

Facilitated an assimilation process for a newly hired Vice President of an engineering outsourcing services provider to accelerate the organization of his team. Coached the VP for more than 90 days as he successfully executed the action plan for his team.

Fortune 500 Regional VP | Succession | Recruitment and Retention

Coached a Regional Vice President on the creation of succession plans to address recruiting and retention challenges for a Fortune 500 professional services company. Guided the VP and his team members on development plan activities that resulted in the internal placement of successors to four key leadership positions vacated over a six-month period.

Career Strategy

Transition | From Academia to Corporate Executive

Guided an executive through the employment search process as she transitioned from academia to a corporate role. Within 60 days she leveraged her oil and gas industry and teaching expertise to a six-figure opportunity.

Upward Mobility | VP Promotion Realized

Developed a strategy and guided an individual seeking to be promoted within his company. Unfortunately, as is the case at times, his manager was blocking his effort. Through coaching, we established objectives and a plan, and the client was able to navigate alternative paths to that achieve his goal. He successfully rose to a VP role in the company.

Transition | New Interests and Opportunities

Coached a director for a global technology company whose department was being eliminated. Worked with the client on navigating change as she continued to serve in her role while seeking employment. Helped the client clarify their career interests and the value they brought to their field of expertise. This opened greater opportunities for contract, part-time and full-time work.

Career Change | From a Toxic Workplace to Fulfilling Employment

Coached a talented client who was stuck in a highly toxic work environment. Even though the client had achieved the highest sales performance of anyone on her team (exceeding bonus targets two years in a row), there was a lack of support and appreciation from management. The client attended my EMPOWER class and through the Birkman® process and career planning discovered new ways to look outside her current situation.

Afterwards, the client hired me as coach to assist with her career change. Introduced her to LinkedIn and showed her the value of this tool in a job search. Through the use of the Birkman method®, identified companies that were a cultural fit for her personality and values, but which were not initially considered. Within five weeks, the client accepted a fulfilling position that she would not have considered “without coaching and encouragement.”

Career Development

Career 2.0: What’s Next | Effective Career Development Strategies

Helped hundreds of students as the Instructional Designer and Facilitator for “Career 2.0: What’s Next”, a workshop designed to assist young professionals assess their career portfolio and personal brand. Using results of the Birkman® assessment, students developed and executed the career strategy that best leveraged their education, experience and interests.