"I am happy to recommend Kathi Crawford and People Possibilities as a great resource for a variety of HR and Talent Management functions. Kathi helped me ensure I had a fully functional HR structure for our newly incorporated company in Texas and has helped me place people in several key positions. She has great ideas, is a wonderful collaborator, remains calm under tight deadlines and fun to work with! "
Francesca Vollaro, VP, Americas Support Center

"In catering, as in many industries, staff turnover is high. While we had a great core group of employees who had been with us for many years, we needed to recruit staff to handle the growth in business. We were experiencing a lot of employee turnover and the frustration of trying to find the right person for the right job. Recruiting new employees meant taking time away from growing the business. Our marketing company recommended Kathi and People Possibilities. Kathi stepped in to help us identify what we needed and a strategy to get there. With Kathi’s guidance we have developed systems and processes for recruiting and retaining great employees; written job descriptions for each position and employee handbook. Today we have very little turnover because we have the tools to help us find the right person for the right job. I am now able to focus on growing our business, knowing that if an HR issue arises I can rely on People Possibilities to provide us with a sound solution. I consider them our on call HR department."
Kim George, President at Catering by George

"When Marek was struggling to identify the role we were looking to fill in the area of workforce development I was fortunate to get connected to Kathi. Her vast experience in this area and her coaching expertise created a great deal of clarity for us.

Kathi helped us create a position description and a process around identifying and sourcing candidates, followed by a very effective screening regimen. The unintended result was a fabulous team exercise that built consensus around our position, goals, and our ultimate candidate of choice.

I would highly recommend Kathi to anyone with just about any need in the HR/Leadership arena. She will help you in ways you don't even know you need:-)"
Mike Holland, Chief Operating Officer at Marek Brothers Systems. January 30, 2015, Mike was Kathi's client

"I recently attended an ASTD event where Kathi facilitated a workshop on effective Talent Management and the Right Fit —what a powerful session! The information Kathi shared addressed existing challenges in the workplace. The framework she provided helped me to gain greater insight into the talent gap and talent market. If you are looking to retain a masterful facilitator, who has a thumb on the pulse of the 21st Century Workforce, Kathi Crawford is the “Right Fit” for you!"
Le Criss F. Smith, M.Ed, Learning and Performance Consultant, ConocoPhillips

“I consider Kathi as my HR business partner. Through active listening, she accurately assesses and summarizes our needs and expectations. Then, she uses her HR knowledge and/or training expertise to help us design a solution to meet our business objectives. She understands and works within our budget, time, and resource constraints. Without hesitation, I would (and have!) recommend Kathi for HR and training related business/project engagements. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.”
Susan Kennedy, SPHR, Human Resources Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston, hired Kathi for HR Consulting and Training/Facilitation more than once

“Kathi has a finely honed ability to discover and address complex issues, in a direct, yet diplomatic way. She sees great potential in people and organizations, working to bring out the best qualities and build strong teams. I know that when I recommend Kathi to one of my clients, they will be in very capable hands!”
Patty Block, Founder & President, The Block Group Inc., referred Kathi to a client for HR Consulting and Training/Facilitation

“Kathi is an extremely bright individual and a consummate business professional. Her attention to detail is outstanding along with her excellent customer service (internal and external) skills. Her HR background and knowledge of the HR field is nothing but excellent. Her ability to relate to all levels exceeds expectations. She is and always will be an asset to any company she is working with.”
Bill Welch, Vice President, Operations, worked with Kathi

“Kathi managed the human resources function for a business group within the company. She displayed excellent leadership skills as well as creativity. She led a team of five and always delivered on her commitments. She is articulate and calm under pressure and well respected by her peers, staff and clients.”
Bob Connelly, VP, Human Resources, hired Kathi

“Kathi is an excellent manager with great enthusiasm and superb communication skills. She is extremely knowledgeable in Human Resources, and formed great relationships with managers, as a business partner. I would recommend Kathi to any potential employer, client, or business partner. She is truly an asset to any team.”
Katrina Flowers, HR Coordinator, reported to Kathi

“Kathi is a sophisticated and tireless HR executive who can build and execute an HR agenda that directly supports the needs of the business. She is an outstanding team player who also does a great job in motivating and developing her staff.”
Mike Winning, VP, Human Resources, managed Kathi

“Kathi is a very seasoned and extremely professional HR leader. I have personally watched her talented and diligent approach to her profession. As a proven business leader and HR professional, Kathi has always remained focused on business objective accomplishment and taking care of her clientele. She has taken numerous positions of increased responsibilities - she would be an asset to any dynamic organization.”
Charles Mitchell, VP, Operations, worked directly with Kathi

“I always found Kathi to be fair, consistent and professional. She was a pleasure to work with from a business and personal perspective.”
Sunny Plush, General Manager, worked directly with Kathi

“Kathi is a very insightful person both professionally and personally. She has an ability to quickly understand patterns and processes and to put a meaningful structure and organization on even the most ambiguous situation. Kathi brings a high degree of professionalism, credibility and quality to any work environment.”
Silvia McCollom, eBusiness Manager, worked with Kathi

“I recruited Kathi into a consultative role to partner with line management on strategic business issues. She has a strong HR business acumen, was viewed as a strategic partner and was well respected both by her clients and co-workers. I attempted to re-recruit Kathi years later, in a senior level role but to no avail! I would highly endorse this extremely dedicated, resourceful individual. Top qualities: great results, personable, creative.”
Karen Whipple, Recruiter, hired Kathi as Business Consultant

“Kathi has to be one of the most professional HR employees I had the pleasure to work with. She is always willing to go the extra mile and her attitude and strong work ethic fosters a team atmosphere. Anyone getting the opportunity to work with Kathi will find it a rewarding and pleasant experience.”
Jeri McClellan, Benefits Consultant, worked directly with Kathi