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One of the primary causes of poor business performance across all industries is the failure to effectively engage the workforce. Whether managing a key project... Be more.™   Whether you own a business or are employed at an organization – dynamic, fast-paced, demanding and highly competitive are a few adjectives that describe the... Be more.™   Consider that up to 80% of your company’s worth is tied to human capital. Organizations don’t achieve results – people do. Companies flourish when they have the... Be more.™  
The World Inside You

The World Inside You Program

Have you ever wondered about the difference between motivation and inspiration? One in short lived and requires constant attention from outside sources. The other is internal, behavior/life/career/organizational changing, and effortless. It’s the difference between focusing on “fixing what’s wrong” vs. focusing on “how we want things to be.” The World Inside You is a new way of helping your organization by helping your team, well, help themselves. It’s a different way to look at leadership and empowerment. It’s the ongoing blueprint for ensuring “Because I’m okay, you’re okay.”
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Case Studies

The Future of Work – So Where’s the Talent?
By Kathi Crawford, SPHR, MCC (IAC) | January 2013

A tsunami of change has washed over the world of work, and many businesses as well as job seekers and labor force members, are still playing catch up to the waves that have already swept through. Technology is a major driver continuing to create rapid and profound changes in both the way business is conducted and the skill sets needed for the workforce to effectively do their jobs.  Download >

Spectrum Uniforms

When companies correctly identify then understand how to use their Vision Statement/Declaration, it becomes a solid ‘how-to’ guide for everything — from who are our ideal clients to who are our ideal employees. For many, getting clarity on the vision leads to significant changes, which result in unforeseen benefits and profitability. To know a change is needed and then do what's necessary to find out what to change and then how to cause the change means the company has intelligent, aware, and strong leadership. Download >

Kelly S Mathews, LLC

Going from entrepreneur to CEO is a must for privately held, small to mid-sized companies who want substantial growth. It takes systems, structure and the right people doing the right things. It also takes the dedication and flexibility of a true leader who is effective and confident at building and allowing their team to soar. Download >

Catering by George

Staff turnover in catering, as any industry, is high and has been for many years. Given the competitive pressures from other types of work opportunities, the difficulty in the catering industry isn’t just one of finding people for the job – it is finding the right people and placing them in the right job. This was an area that Kim George, President of Catering by George, wanted to improve in her business. Download >


Taking a family retail business and ramping it up for expansion means having a team of qualified and committed people. Personnel needs for retail businesses pose a specific and ongoing challenge for management. Getting the right people in the right position and productive quickly is the key to sustained growth and profitability. Download >

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